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Network for the Promotion of Change: NRCSA

Non-Recent Child Sexual Abuse (NRCSA) has become an area of debate and research and all sectors and stakeholders are calling for change. 

In 2022 a group of survivors, academics and clinicians came together to form a Network dedicated to promoting change. 

All members of the Network already work with NRCSA, and bring diverse expertise. We are passionate about adult survivors of CSA receiving better care and society accepting its role in preventing further child sexual abuse, and supporting those who live with the aftermath of having been subjected to unacceptable and repugnant experiences as children.

The Network are working together to  educate, inspire and support anyone, and everyone, who wishes to be part of this change.

recent news

recent news and events. 

If you would like news or events relevant to this network posted here please email Susanna

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Click the links below to read latest guidance and comment on

CSA disclosure

Guidance on the Management of Disclosures of

Non-Recent (Historic) Child Sexual Abuse (2023) | BPS

Blog by Khadj Rouf:

Revised guidance on responding to disclosures of non-recent abuse | BPS

Blog by Jo Stubley



Network membrs

network members.

Survivors, Academics & Clinicians

Working Together



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